Mechanical Stopwatch

If you like the classic feel of a metal cased mechanical stopwatch instead of a plastic electronic stopwatch, then you'll like the Ultrak 1000. Its 2 inch diameter chrome metal case fits in your hand and has a solid feel. The case back is flat brushed metal suitable for engraving. It has an audible fast stopwatch tick sound. The buttons have a firm click feel and sound.

    Manufacture's Stopwatch Specifications

  • 13 Jewels
  • Start / Stop stopwatch with center crown button.
  • Reset stopwatch with left reset button.
  • Stopwatch long hand goes for 30 seconds per turn in 1/10th second increments.
  • Stopwatch short hand goes for 15 minutes per full turn.
  • Rugget steel chromed case.
  • Comes with a one year manufacturer's limited warranty
  • Does not include neck lanyard.

ULTRAK CEI 1000 Stopwatch

Mechanical Stopwatch

Mechanical Stopwatch Front
Mechanical Stopwatch Back
Mechanical Stopwatch Gift Box
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Mechanical Stopwatch Gift Box
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